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How To Be A Local When Visiting Ho Chi Minh City If you are the type of traveler who is searching for lifelong memories when you are traveling, then, it is highly suggested that you live like a hotel as this is your greatest option. Keep in mind, you will get your most enthralling adventures from your actual travel experiences and not from the sightseeing you will have. That is why, there is a need for you to seek a way where you can easily blend with the lifestyle of locals in the city instead of attempting to make them get used to your terms. And it will be helpful as well if you will try to get out of your comfort zone if you would like to live the lifestyle of locals here. If you would like to enjoy your stay here in Ho Chi Minh City and take full advantage of it, then, there are some ways which you can do. When you visiting Ho Chi Minh City, minding your etiquette is of great importance. The locals here are very warm, welcoming, and very polite. The people here are extremely conservative and moreover, nearly all of them are also superstitious regarding their dressing along with their social interactions. They can be quite tolerant on foreign culture, then again, dressing conservatively is still practiced and when it comes to showing some skin, this should be carried out in a sensible manner. There is a need for you to keep in mind as well that it is important that you will take off your shoes when you are going to a private residence or going to see a place of worship. When you are done with your meal, make sure that the chopsticks you used are not pointing away from your plate for the reason that the locals believed this will only cause bad luck and also, it is considered to be really rude.
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When visiting Ho Chi Minh City, it is best that you will try their local foods. The city is packed with people that come from various provinces and this is the reason why you can surely try different foods coming from different regions. Even if you will not go outside of Ho Chi Minh City, you will be able to sample different delicacies and specialties of the entire country.
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You can use a scooter and other means of local transportation here in the city when exploring it by yourself. Even supposing that you can definitely afford to rent a van and a driver when exploring the city, employing public transport is much better as this kind of experience can make your holiday here in this city, more fascinating. So you will have more opportunity interacting with a lot of locals, you can always take regular walks during your stay.

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