Uber Partners And Drivers Take On Lowering Rates

Become and Uber driver.

Uber is widely known to help thousands of people in the world to earn income as drivers. However, the ride-sharing company has continued to lower prices for the past year, which has been difficult for drivers, who made this their full solid source of income, has been slashed in half. Two years ago, Uber’s base rate was $2.00, plus $1.25 per mile and $0.20 per minute, enough for a driver to get enough compensation in a month. But now, complaints are heard everywhere, since 40% of the original rate was decreased and the effects on drivers are fairly increasing. Theoretically, Uber lowering rate increases ridership and subsequently, driver earnings. It’s not what the drivers think though; that means it will require them to drive more than their regular working hours and less idle time.
How Fair is the Fare Decrease to Different Drivers Across the World?
More drivers are not taking regular X Drives anymore, and only do X on surges due to the ridiculously low rates. What are more of their options? Probably get more miles, more hours to work and hope for higher tips from their customers. A vast majority of the Uber drivers is getting only $9 per hour now and complaints are piling up in every single corner of their forum. Getting more than $16 per hour would probably be a miracle.
Uber lowering rates were only said to be just temporary cuts, but it has never gone up again, only decreasing more. The spokesmen of Uber across the entire globe believe that the lowered rates created more customers, and hence increased the demand for drivers―which in turn increases their earnings as well. 
If the compensation doesn’t make sense, then working for said compensation doesn’t make sense. Most of the uber partners and drivers are planning to quit and find full-time jobs that can give them a much higher pay than the ridiculous rate that almost leaves them to nothing.

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