Olive Tree Fellowship

53 Broad Street
United Kingdom

Tel:  01353 612316
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Who we are Welcome to the Olive Tree Fellowship, a thriving charismatic Church, a group of committed Christians who are enthusiastic about sharing the love of God revealed in Jesus. When we meet We meet regularly on Sunday Mornings, to worship, to praise and to hear the Word of God. We also enjoy meeting together at other times during the week, for fellowship and occasional special events. Sharing the love of God We believe that we have experienced the grace of God in our lives, and look for ways of bringing that grace into the world around us. There is a real sense of family among us, and we would love to welcome YOU into this loving community! History Pastor: Rev Patrick Brandon The Olive Tree Fellowship in Ely, Cambridgeshire, came into being in 1994. Having been started by just 5 adults and 10 children, we are now (mid 2007) around 25 in number. Ely is a city, small as it is – around 16,000, growing towards 19,000. Its nature is that of a market town, but it is also home to a growing number of people who work in Cambridge. There are eight churches in the city, of which three are Anglican (including the Cathedral) and one is Roman Catholic. There has for a number of years been a good and fruitful relationship among the churches, which pray, worship, and do mission together. The Olive Tree Fellowship plays an effective part in this. We are part of the Barnabas Fellowship of Churches (www.bfoc.org), an international network of churches that have been called together to share vision and resources, and to encourage one another. Its mission statement is: Building Kingdom Churches, Developing Kingdom Relationships. There are around a dozen Barnabas churches in England, two in Northern Ireland, one in France, a group of twelve in Zimbabwe, five in Mozambique, one in Zambia, one in Botswana, two in Nigeria and ten in Ivory Coast. Those outside of the U.K. are already developing relationships with other local fellowships, and planting new churches, that will become part of Barnabas. Following the successful planting of one church in the UK two years ago, plans are already well advanced for planing another in September 2007. Name The name of the Church is derived from Pauls image of the Church of God in Romans 11:17f. We are predominantly a Gentile Church, but we value and cherish the cultivated olive tree into which we have been grafted. Since the root supports us, we seek to gain deeper understanding of Gods Word and His purposes through learning of the Hebraic background to the Scriptures, the Jewish Feasts, and the Hebraic outlook in general. Our longing is to bear visible testimony to Gods wonderful plan, the creation of the One New Man, Jew and Gentile united in Yeshua (Jesus).

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