Ely Christian Fellowship

Lighthouse Centre

13 Lynn Road

United Kingdom

Tel:  01353 662228
Fax:  01353 662179
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ECF was born because a group of Christians found the joy of the baptism of the Holy Spirit at meetings of Full Gospel Businessmen, a joy not then shared by their churches. We did not realise it at the time but many such churches were being born across the world and were part of a new move of Gods Spirit. Bernie Cohen, a radical Aussie, brother of Greg, said, “I am going to hire the upper room at The Maltings, and be there to praise God if its only me, my wife, and my cat.” So, a group met on Sunday evenings after their own church services in “the upper room” to praise God and exercise the gifts of the Spirit. They soon asked Tony to preach. We met over many months, enjoying freedom together. The group that lived in Ely began praying and fasting about the future. It was soon clear to them that God was saying they should start a church and ask Tony to be the pastor. Tony and I, who had never seriously considered leaving our Anglican church in Isleham prayed too, and over a week received sufficiently clear guidance to say a very positive but nervous “Yes!”. Some people in the group stayed with their churches, the rest of us left our churches in good grace so as to cause least hurt. Thus Ely Christian Fellowship began with fourteen people, including our sons Ben and Giles who were nine and ten years old. On April 4th 1982, we all signed a declaration of intent and launched out into the deep. Of those fourteen originals, six still worship with us regularly. A seventh, Giles Cornell – now accompanied by his wife Rosalyn and their two children, Liberty and Judah – have just returned to work with us.

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