Slideshow: It's hot in the city as temperatures soar


Sun-lovers from across Cambridgeshire enjoyed Mediterranean conditions over the weekend with the hottest day of the year recorded on Saturday.

Temperatures reached sweltering highs of 31.7C in Cambridgeshire on Saturday, the second highest recorded in the UK.

The highest temperature, 32.4C, was in Cavendish on the Suffolk/ Essex border. Cambridge University’s weather station in the city at 1.30pm on Saturday showed the hottest Cambridge temperature for the weekend of 30.6C.

 Rebecca Shermin, a forecaster for the Met Office, said: “It is very warm over the continent at the moment – a lot of rising pressure has drawn in some very warm air from quite a long way south. 

 “The weather should stay warm over the next few days, Monday and Tuesday will see temperatures of around 25C, the weather will then cool off and by mid week, temperatures will be back to around 22/23C, the average for this time of year.”

The city’s parks were packed with both locals and tourists basking in the glorious sunshine.

Lucy Vacher, 21, of Mill Road, said: “I love this weather, I’ve been in it all weekend and managed to get a great tan, it’s been amazing.”

Susan Clarke, 64, from Melbourn, took her grandchildren to Parker’s Piece on Sunday. She said: “It’s been very hot all weekend, the children love it, we were certainly due some good weather but it’s slightly too hot for me.”

Nicky Furt, 28, from Sawston, said she loved the heat but it was too much for her 2-year-old daughter, Mrs Furt said: “We have come down to meet some friends and relax on Parker’s Piece.

“My husband and I took our daughter down to the paddling pool at Coleridge Park yesterday, which was lovely.”

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