Inspirational community figures, world-class sporting heroes and charitable residents will join forces to carry the Olympic flame through Cambridge.

Yesterday the exact route of the torch was unveiled and dozens of selected bearers were identified.

An official announcement was held at Trinity College, where organisers of the city’s celebrations met three torch bearers.

Cllr Rod Cantrill, executive councillors for arts, sport and public places at the city council, said: “During the two days the torch is here it will cover six of our wards.

“It covers the total spectrum of diversity. Travelling up Mill Road it passes through various communities and diverse cultures right up to Parker’s Piece, where in the evening we’ll be holding a big celebration.

“It goes out through a different part of the city the following day by Trinity College and along the river. It’s managed to capture all the elements of the city

“We’re hoping everyone will get involved. It will be something that is a once-in-a-lifetime event. We want people to hold street parties and support the torchbearers for this amazing event.”

The torch will travel through Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire on Saturday, July 7, passing through Stansted Mountfitchet, Newport, Saffron Walden and Haverhill. It will then go to Bury St Edmunds before heading to Newmarket.

That evening it will reach Cambridge and a special Olympic stage will be set up at the city council’s Big Weekend to welcome the torch.

After an overnight stop the flame will set off from Trinity College, travel by punt along the river and leave via Huntingdon Road to go on to St Ives and Huntingdon.

Dr Rod Pullen, junior bursar at Trinity College said: “Because of the depiction in the film Chariots of Fire, for many people worldwide there is a link between the Olympics and the annual Great Court Run at Trinity.

“The college is therefore pleased that the torch will be carried round Great Court, and support the city in welcoming the torch and promoting Cambridge”.

Cllr Martin Curtis, the county council’s champion for the Olympics, said this route was all about celebrating a range of communities.

He said: “Iconic images of our city will be carried around the world through this route.

“We have had a chance to meet some of the torchbearers and they really are inspirational people in their own unique ways. We’re very proud.”

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Full list of torch bearers

:: In Cambridge

Neil Adams, 26, from Earith

Tanya Lubicz-Nawrocka, 26, from London.

Alister Rayment, 21, from Peterborough

Christine Ilman, 62, from Cambridge

Holly Greenwood, 12, from Cambridge

Mark Elborne, 54, from Peterborough

Tony Burton, 35, from Cambridge

Zhiyong Pan, 35, from Guangzhou, China

Alice Ellison, 18, from Cambridge

Angela Taylor, 53, from Cambridge

Ed Roberts, 26, from Cambridge

Francesca Jones, 21, from Bishops Stortford

Gary Johnson, 43, from Stanstead Abbots Ware

Kim Manchett, 29, from Wilburton, Cambridgeshire

Lydia Backhaus, 18, from Welwyn

:: In Saffron Walden

Clare Thompson, 49, from Saffron Walden

Dan Thomas, 17, from Saffron Walden

Liushifu Liu, 45, from Chengdu

Navdeep Bual, 16, from Ilford

:: In Newport

Helen Patterson, 49, from Cambridge

:: ln Stansted Mountfitchet

Caroline Atkins, 46, from St Albans

Jianming Li, 39, from Dongguan

Kate Malyon, 45, from Braintree

:: In Haverhill

Caroline Maclean, 36, from Haverhill,

Isabelle Gower, 13, from Haverhill,

Keren Goff, 32, from Cambridge

Ryan Tutthill, 15, from Bury St Edmunds

Claire Scarff, 44, from Thetford,

Dingfeng Liang, 41, from Shenyang City

Elodie Lafosse, 17, from Colchester

Holly Lambert, 12, from Waltham Abbey

Keith Church, 45, from Banbury,

Stacey Johnson, 20, from Hertfordshire

Xiaodong Du, 42, from Daqing Heilongjiang.

:: In Newmarket

Louise Barnes, 29, from Sewards End

Andy McGowan, 23, from Cambridge

Cheryl Scotland-Wigg, 34, from Newmarket

Chris Ramsdale, 45, from Cambridge

Steve Walton, 56, from Cambridge

:: In Huntingdon

Alun James, 47, from London

Bryn Percival, 31, from Huntingdon

Catherine Eastham, 40, from Kingston

Catherine Potterton, 25, from Bournemouth

Dilshan Sananayake, 43, from Watford

Jonathan Edwards, 56, from Huntingdon

Matthew Dawson, 16, from Cambridge

Melanie Hare, 43, from Sandy

Reg Whittaker, 91, from Warboys

Sara Dunling, 29, from Newmarket

Simon Needs, 52, from Bedford

:: In St Ives

Stuart Mitchell, 20, from Ely

David Cleaver, 46, from Cambridge

Mark Fliegauf, 34, from Oxford

Nell Macleod, 28, from Cambridge

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