Ofcom Approve Fibrewaves 100Mb Fibre Broadband for Cambridgeshire UK

cambridgeshire fibrewave fibre optic uk network

As expected Ofcom has today officially granted code powers to ISP Fibrewave Networks, which allows them to carry out street works as part of their plans to roll-out a new rural fibre optic based Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) superfast broadband network in Cambridgeshire (initially covering the villages of Earith, Bluntisham and Colne).

Fibrewave Networks submitted an application to Ofcom requesting Code Powers in May 2012 and last month the regulator provisionally proposed to approve that request, albeit subject to a brief consultation (original news). Thankfully no strong objections were received.

The powers provide Fibrewave with the right to install and maintain equipment on public land, which means that “we are able to use the public highways to build the network“. It is also a prerequisite of access to BTOpenreach’s Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) products (i.e. Cable Duct and Pole Sharing).

Tim Warren, Boss of Fibrewave Networks, told ISPreview.co.uk:

Ofcom has granted us code powers, which paves the way for us to install Fibre to the Home networks. We took a decision some time ago to abandon Fibre to the Cabinet following feedback form both residents businesses in Earith, Bluntisham Colne where we are building our first network, and also other companies within the industry with real world experience in SLU. We felt unable to announce the decision before holding code powers as building a fibre to the home network without them would be an uphill challenge.

We have also stream lined the products into a selection of 4 with varying speeds monthly usage allowances. Whilst our previous “build your own” menu system was very flexible, we discovered that many people found it confusing. The products are bundled with a phone service allowing the BT line to be terminated.”

Related product details and new pricing are expected to be announced within the next few weeks, though customers will be able to choose from a selection packages ranging from 25Mbps with a 50GB monthly usage allowance to 100Mbps with 500GB allowance. Work to build the new network will begin in early 2013.

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