Foreign drivers dodge thousands of speeding fines

Thousands of foreign drivers have escaped punishment for speeding offences in Cambridgeshire.

In the last three years 2,625 foreign motorists have been clocked speeding but got away with the offence.

And 3,893 speeding vehicles registered abroad have not been traced by police in the same period.

But it is not just motorists from abroad or vehicles with foreign number plates that are evading fines and points.

The total number of speeding offences that have not resulted in prosecutions since 2008 totals 70,479.

This includes vehicles that had been stolen, cloned or belonged to diplomats. Other drivers have escaped prosecution  because the vehicle’s number plate was not visible, or through administrative and  camera errors. But the vast majority were emergency vehicles.

But the force said it can cost too much and take too much time to trace overseas drivers caught breaking limits.

The number of speeding offences in Cambridgeshire that have not resulted in prosecution or fixed penalty notices is 19,156 for 2010/11 so far – others are still being processed.

In 2009/10 it was is 24,927 and 26,396 in 2008/9.

A Cambridgeshire police spokesman said: “The number of speeding incidents that did not result in a fine or prosecution because the driver was foreign represents less than 5 per cent of the total.

“Every incident would have been looked at individually and a decision made whether it was feasible to proceed and whether it would be in the public interest.

“We are committed to tackling speeding on all the county’s roads. Driving too fast puts motorists and other road users at risk.”

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