'Don't forget call for A428 upgrade'

A resident living near a Cambridgeshire highway claims the Government is ignoring calls to make it safer.

Andrew Lintott, of Croxton, says ministers are giving priority to improving the A14 – but sidestepping the need for upgrading the A428.

He said the A428 is constantly suffering “heavy congestion”, and in the past 10 years has been the scene of many serious accidents.

As the News has reported, Roads Minister Mike Penning has pledged that the Department for Transport will push ahead with a £20 million project to beat the jams on the A14 between Cambridge and Huntingdon, with major junction improvements at the Girton and Spittals interchanges.

But Mr Lintott said: “While this news obviously meets with great approval for many in Cambridgeshire, as a resident of the tiny village of Croxton, alongside the A428 between Eltisley and St Neots, it also fills me with a certain amount of horror.

“Every time there is a serious incident on the A14, or any major works are carried out on it along the Cambridge-Huntingdon section, all traffic is diverted along the A428 which is already heavily congested.

“The section of the A428 between Caxton Gibbet and St Neots is the only section of the main east-west route between the M1 and the east coast which is single carriageway and, as such, is a constant source of major congestion and over the last 10 years has been the scene of many serious collisions resulting in numerous serious injuries and deaths.

“Therefore, during the period of improvements the residents of Croxton and other nearby villages can only look forward to many months of misery.

“Whilst major road improvements are welcomed by many, the long-overdue improvements for the A428 are continually overlooked to the serious disgruntlement of residents who live in the villages close by. What I and all the other residents of Croxton would like to know is when some priority will be given to the A428 problem.”

 A spokeswoman for the Department for Transport said: “We fully sympathise with people living near roads where diversions take place because of problems on the A14.

“While there are no immediate plans for the A428, we are confident that once the short-term work has been completed on the A14, and the longer-term widening project, there will be much less of a problem on other roads liked the A428.

“The congestion will be relieved.”

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