Cambridgeshire schoolgirl pens song for Mo Farah's charity

London, Sep 16 (ANI): A schoolgirl from Peterborough has written and recorded a song to promote the work of a charity run by track legend Mo Farah.

Maisie-Mae Cater, 15, and her brother Jak, 24, who had approached the Mo Farah Foundation when it was campaigning for new fundraising ideas, spent the summer writing and recording Shake, which is released on iTunes on Monday. The profits will go directly to the charity.

“I performed it for Mo and he’s the loveliest, humblest man. It’s a really close-knit, family-orientated charity, not one run by a big board of people,” the BBC quoted Cater, as saying.

She described her brother Jak as a “massive Mo fan”.

“That’s the way me and my brother are, so it really inspired us. And I completely admire him, too,” she added.

Maisie-Mae performed Shake for the first time in public at the Mo Farah Foundation Ball on 1 September, in front of the Farah family and other famous Olympians including Usain Bolt.

“I wanted the song to relate to Mo and the charity, but that’s not all it’s about. But there are lots of metaphors about the drought in there and the way I’ve written it is like a race. It’s quite a complex and technical piece,” she explained.

Diana Nell, from the Mo Farah Foundation, said: “I can’t speak highly enough of Maisie-Mae. She really is such an up-and-coming talent, so mature and a wonderful performer.” (ANI)

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