Cambridgeshire police commissioner sets out crime-fighting plan

Organised crime, extremism and anti-social behaviour will be targeted by Cambridgeshire’s crime commissioner – and he has vowed to protect officer numbers.


Sir Graham Bright has set out his stall to make the county safer.

He wants to protect frontline policing, increase the number of Special constables and tackle anti-social behaviour, burglary and drug misuse.

They are among some of the personal pledges Sir Graham has made as he today launches his draft Police and Crime Plan today.

He said: “I’m a firm believer in evolution, not revolution. We have a good police service in Cambridgeshire and my draft Police and Crime Plan builds on the excellent work that has already been done. I have always said that I don’t want to interfere with something that is working well, but I will work with others to seek improvements in areas that need them.

“Policing cannot be one size fits all. Different local communities have different needs and I want this plan to support that flexibility at a local level. Each of the pledges I have made in my plan has been made in response to issues raised with me by members of the public during my election campaign.

“What I want to know is do my pledges sound about right and are they a true reflection of what I think people are telling me? I’m asking the public what they think, which will help me refine the plan throughout the term of my appointment.”

The commissioner wants to hear the views of the public on the plan, which is available on his website today. Building on last year’s plan, Sir Graham’s overarching draft police and crime objectives are:

  • Maintain local police performance
  • Deliver policing within the available budget
  • Continue to tackle crime and disorder, with a focus on anti-social behaviour, dwelling burglary, organised crime and drugs misuse
  • Keeping people safe, with a focus on domestic abuse, vulnerable people – specifically child sexual exploitation and hate crime and reducing re-offending
  • Maintain the resilience of protective services, with a focus on policing the roads and tackling extremism.

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