Cambridgeshire County Council selects TomToms HD Flow



today announces that Cambridgeshire
County Council’s traffic management team has selected TomTom’s HD
Flow to ensure that residents and visitors to the county have access to
the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date traffic information to
help avoid unnecessary congestion.

Cambridgeshire County Council’s team is using TomTom’s HD Flow data to
monitor congestion and journey times in order to react to any issues
that may be occurring on the roads and alert drivers through the highway
systems. A website is also launching later in the year so residents and
visitors to the county can access traffic data at any time.

According to a recent independent study by the German Aerospace Centre,
DLR, TomTom’s traffic information saves commuters 50 minutes of travel
time per week or approximately 40 hours per year1. With HD
Flow, people visiting Cambridgeshire will be alerted to potential issues
via the road displays and can therefore select the best alternative
route to their destination.

County Council Cabinet Member for Community Infrastructure, Councillor
Tony Orgee, said: “With TomTom’s HD Flow, we get the best traffic
coverage to ensure we can communicate updates and alerts via road-based
signs to people travelling on Cambridgeshire’s roads. This enables us to
not only quickly react to any issues and offer guidance to road users,
but also to analyse traffic patterns over a period of time, which will
help towards future planning of the county’s highways.”

Darren Cottage, Strategic Manager UK and ROI, TomTom Licensing, added: “We
believe that by choosing to work with TomTom to support its congestion
reduction strategy, Cambridgeshire County Council is demonstrating to
other councils just how real-time traffic solutions can be integrated
into existing traffic management schemes to help keep one step ahead of
incidents or potential build-up and ultimately help keep the region’s
traffic flowing smoothly.”

TomTom HD Traffic combines information from multiple data sources,
including connected navigation devices, mobile phones, road sensors and
real time incident data to produce the most accurate, comprehensive and
up-to-date traffic information for dynamic routing.

Notes to Editors:

  1. Based on independent research carried out by the German Aerospace
    Centre (DLR) in March 2012:

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