Broadband campaign has clicked with 3,000

Three thousand residents and businesses have “clicked for Cambridgeshire” as the campaign for superfast broadband picks up pace.

Faster internet connections would boost the economy and reduce rural isolation, but to make the project happen the county needs to attract millions of pounds of private investment.

A website has been set up which lets people demonstrate their support – just by clicking on a link.

The county council said 3,000 people registered their demand in the first week alone, and thanked the News for its role in promoting the campaign – more clicks came from a link on Cambridge News Online than from any other website.

Cllr Ian Bates, cabinet member for growth and planning, said: “The campaign to Get Cambridgeshire Connected has got off to a great start.

“We know there is a high demand for better broadband, particularly in rural areas, but we need to be able to demonstrate this to broadband suppliers to attract substantial investment.

“I would urge everyone to do their bit for Cambridgeshire by registering for the campaign. It only takes a minute, but will make a big difference to people’s lives across the county.”

The aim is to bring access to superfast broadband to at least 90 per cent of businesses and homes, and better connectivity for all remaining premises, by 2015.

To complete the online form, residents need to give their postcode and landline phone number, but clicking does not commit them to anything. People without access to the internet can use Freepost reply forms at libraries, council offices and other public places.

The county council is pumping up to £20 million into the project, and the Government will also provide funds.

This should attract the investment from broadband suppliers.


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