Allowances freeze approved by county councillors

Members of Cambridgeshire County Council have voted to freeze their allowances.

The decision to leave the basic allowance at £7,610 followed a public backlash last year over a 25 per cent pay rise, which was scrapped after it emerged procedures were not followed.

The vote today to accept the recommendations of an independent remuneration panel was nearly unanimous, with just a handful of abstentions.

Referring to the public furore over last year’s rise, Liberal Democrat Cllr Peter Downes said: “In my 11 years as a county councillor I can’t think of any single thing that this council has decided which has brought so much opprobrium as the decision made prior to Christmas and it’s a matter of relief that we are now able to get ourselves off that hook.”

The new scheme removes the two tiers of extra payments for cabinet members, who will all receive a further £11,679 from now on.

Councillors will be reimbursed for mileage travelling to parish council meetings for the first time.

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