If you are thinking of getting married in the area there are plenty of fantastic wedding venues in Cambridgeshire. One thing Cambridgeshire is not short on is scenery for those ever so important wedding photographs. Whether it’s the Cambridge backs, Ely Cathedral, or the expansive countryside around historic Peterborough and Huntingdon you are sure to find the perfect location.

For most people the first big decision is whether or not you will have a traditional ‘White Wedding’ in a church, or go for the increasingly popular option of having a civil service in a more diverse location. If you opt for a civil ceremony will you then need to decide if you will be having the reception in the same place as the wedding ceremony. This is often the case if it is a country hotel for example, but may not be if the ceremony takes place on your favourite football pitch! One increasingly popular location for civil ceremonies is the Cambridge Colleges. New Hall College in particular now has a license to carry out civil weddings and where better can you enjoy the culture and history of Cambridge than getting married in a Cambridge College? Some favourite wedding venues in Cambridgeshire include Quy Mill, Chilford Hall, Swynford Paddocks and of course Ely Cathedral. There are an abundance of reception venues that range from country hotels with marquees to famous sites such as Tattersalls in Newmarket or the Corn Exchange in Cambridge. If you are getting married on a budget there are a number of smaller halls that you can hire within the major cities that won’t cost a fortune. In terms of entertainment, the only real priority is to find a good DJ to make your special night go with a swing. We would always recommend seeking references from any DJ you are looking to use as this can make or break your night. Any DJ that is as good as he says he is should have no problem letting you speak to two or three of his happy customers. Another popular form of entertainment these days is to employ a magician or other such entertainer to keep your day guests happy while the photographs are being taken. This can take a couple of hours and a magician is a great ice breaker and gives your guests something to talk about. To find a great venue for your special day follow the link below: Wedding Venues in Cambridgeshire