Stay and Play in Cambridgeshire

By: Vincent Lovejoy Cambridgeshire Located in the eastern portion of England, the county of Cambridgeshire depicts the ideal portrait of the English countryside. Rolling green hills, golden fields and winding roads fashion an aesthetically pleasing landscape. Cambridgeshire has large towns as well. Cities like Peterborough, Cambridge, Huntingdon and St. Neots provide visitors with a more metropolitan atmosphere. Both the countryside and the small cities offer an array of fun activities. Out in the rural areas you can find superlative camping locales.

Adorned with nature reserves and country parks, the scenery is truly unspoiled. Vineyards and cathedrals also freckle the county and are popular for tourists looking for a little piece of natural or historic beauty to experience on their vacations. For an extended camping trip you will be happy to learn of the availability of campground timeshares. I particularly enjoy campground timeshares because it is such a different twist on vacation ownership. This type of timeshare allows you to stay among the wonderful surroundings. Some campgrounds are even located near fascinating archeological sites. Within the larger towns there is no shortage of things to do and see.

Most of these municipalities have an old-town feel and strong community because they were established hundreds of years ago. Huntingdon, for example, just celebrated its 800th anniversary in 2005. The brick and stone architecture is reminiscent of the villages of the turn of the 19th century. Although the towns have grown, many old structures and sites still exist in near-perfect condition allow you stay in and around the historic districts and grand cathedrals that ornament Cambridgeshire and its surrounding counties. The metropolitan areas, while stunning and visually vintage, are pleasantly juxtaposed by modern activities and culture. Fine dining, theatres, football stadiums, shopping centres and markets and leisure centres are common attractions for travelers and locals alike. Well-maintained parks and gardens keep the town feel and lovely community aura. Timeshares in east England present a unique opportunity for vacationers.

I love staying near water whenever possible; an ocean, lakes, rivers, whatever. The few times that I have stayed in England I didnt really have the option for staying near a large body of water. I will, however tell you what I am going to do on my next visit: Timeshare houseboat! This is a relatively new idea that has not yet revolutionized the industry, but I have a feeling it might. The town of Wisbech is less than 15 miles from the coast. Thats the next place on my list. Timeshares can be very useful for creating an enjoyable and comfortable holiday.

Finding a timeshare is pretty easy too. The most cost effective way to purchase or rent vacation property is through resale. A timeshare resale will save you money right off the bat. Check out a resale website for extensive listings. As always: travel light, travel safe, but above all have fun!

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