This August Bank Holiday sees the 2007 IWA (International Waterway Association) National Festival and Boat Show come to St Ives in Cambridgeshire.

It’s being billed as ‘St Ives on Water’ and is gauranteed to be the premier St Ives waterway event of the year. The organisers have already arranged a number of exciting events including a “Wild West” show and falconory displays. For the very little ones there will be Rosie & Jim readings in the bandstand and the more daring will be able to try their hand at circus skills. They also plan to run a programme of free waterway related activities for children and are currently looking for someone to run a “dry rowing” or “dry canoeing” activity. If your organisation can offer this please contact Gillian Bolt on 0151 678 9300. Over 200 boats have already registered for the event which means it should live up to up it’s promise of being one of the biggest water based events of the year. More links on the St Ives Waterway event will be posted as and when they become available. Follow the link below to find accommodation in or near St Ives St Ives Waterway Event