We all have the need to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life at some point in our life. A conventional holiday is great for a change of scenery but if your needs go a little bit deeper there are a number of Spiritual retreats in Cambridgeshire that cater for your needs. A Spiritual retreat is somewhere you can find peace, tranquillity and relaxation not just physically, but spiritually and mentally. Most retreats have a bias towards certain religious beliefs, although guests from all walks of life are generally welcome. It is a place to contemplate your life and find peace within yourself so you can go back and face the world with a renewed vigour.

Bishop Woodford House is a Diocesan retreat and conference centre based in Ely. Their aim is to provide an environment and calm space where organisations and individuals can come and enjoy the facilities in a quiet, relaxed environment. It also acts as a centre for spiritual and theological growth and provide a natural centre for the diocese, deaneries and parishes to hold their meetings and events. To find other spiritual retreats in Cambridgeshire follow the link below: Spiritual Retreats in Cambridgeshire