This may seem like an odd recommendation for a tourist, particularly one unacquainted with the national sport of the United Kingdom, football (soccer to some overseas nations). The passion for the game is in evidence every time two Premiership football team go head to head, and these occasions should not be missed by any visitor. Tickets sell out fast for these encounters, so those who miss the boat in that regard, (and there are many due to the enormous popularity of each team) can relax and cheer for their side on television, without the stress of queuing for hours to enter the ground. Not every bar will have this service however. Some pubs do not bother getting a licence to receive Sky Sports, the national provider of televised fixtures. So make certain that the bar where you intend on watching the match actually has a licence! Simply ask the staff on duty for a swift response. That said, there are not that many bars that do not show the football matches. Go to Regent Street and King Street in the city centre, and you are guaranteed to quickly find a bar to take in the unique football atmosphere. If you would like some pre-match entertainment, go to one of the larger bars a little further away from the city centre. If you’re feeling peckish, Mitchum’s corner is a great stop as it is the home of The Graduate, a bar that provides food all day. One certainty about any bar with Sky Sports, is that they will have advertising boards outside of their premises to lure in customers. Simply look for these and you will be all set.