Newmarket Taxi

If you are travelling to Newmarket by bus or train you will very likely need a Newmarket taxi to get you from the station or drop off point to your accommodation.

There is only one main rank in Newmarket which is on the High Street. If you arrive by train you might be lucky and catch a waiting cab at the station, but the chances are you will need to pre book it in advance or call one to pick you up when you get there. It is possible to walk from the station into town but we wouldn’t recommend it if you have small children or a large amount of luggage as it could take 20-30 minutes.

If you are arriving by coach you will be dropped off outside Palmers department store in the High Street and the taxis will be waiting literally across the road (depending in which direction you come from). You can easily identify a Newmarket taxi by the black and yellow livery and they are usually in good supply, even during the racing season. If you are travelling as part of a large group you might want to pre book one or more 5-seater taxi’s. This means you need fewer taxis and it usually works out cheaper on a per person basis. All taxis in Newmarket operate on a meter system where you pay a set price per mile you travel. Some taxi companies will offer you a fixed fare, for example to an airport where the distance is known beforehand but this usually needs to be agreed in advance.

Most taxis also add on a supplement for extra passengers, and for travelling at certain times of the day so if you wonder why the meter is on a fee before you have gone anywhere that is probably the reason. The final thing to note is that as in most countries, Suffolk county council operate a licensing scheme for their drivers. This should be clearly displayed on the back of the taxi and there should also be a picture ID badge with the driver. If these are not displayed clearly, or the driver will not show them to you our advice is to get out of the taxi and wait for the next one. To find taxi companies in Newmarket follow the link below: Newmarket Taxi

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