Huntingdon is one of the many towns situated in Cambridgeshire. A town rich in history, it recently celebrated its 800th anniversary, having been given a town charter in 1205. It is still a politically important town, being as it is, the seat of the Huntingdon district council, and at one time the main town in Huntingdonshire. Historical Background Though archaeological excavations have revealed some evidence of ancient life, nothing of any great consequence has yet been found. The reason the town was founded, was because it proved to be an important bridging point of the nearby River Great Ouse for the Danes and Anglo-Saxons, and of course, any settlement near water was desirable. It was a coaching centre in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the town is also notable for the durability of the medieval bridge that was once one of the main crossing points for the town. Only modern progress caused it to become disused in 1975, when the A14 bypass was being constructed. Once upon a time, the Huntingdon Castle stood proudly in the town, and was the main reason why it became such a pivotal town for trade in the region. It was built on the Castle Hills, which now contains a memorial beacon to mark the 400th anniversary of the attempted arrival of the Spanish Armada. This area is now an important archaeological place, ensured by the placing of a Scheduled Ancient Monument. Areas of Interest Besides the aforementioned historical monuments, Huntingdon also boasts Portholme Meadow, the largest in England with an area of 257 acres. Not only does it help protect nearby towns from floods by holding excess water, it also contains various kinds of rare flora and is the only place in England where any budding horticulturalists can view the Marsh Dandelion. Huntingdon Racecourse is an ideal venue for those interested in equine entertainment, whilst RAF Molesworth should be an intriguing place to visit considering that it is a RAF military base formed back in 1917, towards the end of World War I, and was one proposed location for the launch of Cruise Missile’s in the 1980s. Along with RAF Alconbury and RAF Upwood, it is occupied by the US Air Force.