Household and travel insurance

If you are going away on holidays you will probably be looking at taking out a travel insurance policy. Most good quality travel insurance policies cover medical expenses, but of course if you are travelling only within the UK you can take out a UK only policy โ€“ as the NHS will be your main source of medical cover if you havent already got a private health insurance policy.

However if you are relatively fit and healthy, you might not wish to take out a specific travel insurance policy because the main risk you might have is that some of your possessions get stolen. Remember that you dont have to take out the most expensive travel insurance policy on the market, and often you will be surprised at just who offers good quality cover at low cost.

You may not necessarily be taking part in water skiing or power boating, or even windsurfing, and a little research on the Internet can go a long way towards finding the best value travel insurance online. The Internet pages of major insurers allow you to search for various options and provide handy calculators to enable you to weigh up the various options โ€“ such as single or multi trip insurance, for example. As with everything, it pays to shop around.

It is therefore obvious that if you are trying to cut costs in this time of economic uncertainty, you may wish to forgo a travel insurance policy. This is because your home insurance policy is likely to cover you for such items as iPods and cameras โ€“ even if they were stolen while abroad. Check the terms and conditions of your policy to ensure that it covers you for items out of the home. Nevertheless, there is usually an excess to pay on any insurance claim, so it may in the long term increase your premiums.

Have a look at Go Travel Insurance for a competitive quote on holiday insurance. The advice can sound contradictory and confusing, and the best option to take depends on each persons individual circumstances. If in doubt, speak to the insurer directly, as they are best placed to advise on matters. Alternatively, a good source of impartial advice is a local Independent Financial Adviser.

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