As Cambridge is a thriving city, there are a vast number of hotels available to suit all budgets. For those in search of an extra bit of class, and have some extra cash to spend, then Regent Street in the city centre is the area you should be aiming for. Here is where the five star hotels are located and also have the benefit of being in close proximity to all the best attractions that Cambridge has to offer. For this convenience and style, expect to pay anywhere up to £180 (or 260 Euro) for a single night in a double room. The Regent Hotel is a prime example of the aforementioned quality and price. Visitors who are not so lavishly endowed financially, can choose one of the variety of B&B’s located near Newmarket Road, which is still only twenty minutes walk away from the city centre. There is also a regular bus service from this area that will bring you directly into town for a couple of Euro. Guest Houses can range drastically in price £50-£120, and size. These kind of lodgings are usually ran by local families who will gladly inform you of all the sights and sounds of the city. One of the best Guest Houses is The Fairways on Cherry Hinton Road. Another alternative is to stay in a Travelodge which are generally inexpensive, but provides many of the services one would expect in any hotel. However, Travelodge’s are only suitable for those who possess their own method of transport, as they are many miles away from the city centre. Try the Sleep Inn, 6 miles outside of Cambridge. If you have your own car, it is a great spot to relax, as not only will you easily be able to make it in and out of the city, you will also get to see the countryside, something tourists in the city are hard pressed to do. The things any tourist should look out for when renting accommodation are its location, its price and its facilities. Before your trip, decide what level of each will satisfy you, and then book a place that provides all your needs.