Group Bookings in Cambridgeshire

If you are looking for group bookings in Cambridgeshire it’s often possible to get a discount off the standard single person rate. Unfortunately some people are too afraid to ask and simply pay the normal rate for everyone in the group.

To save you the hassle the Cambridgeshire Tourist Guide also acts as an Accommodation Broker for Cambridgeshire. If you have never used a broker before it’s very simple. Rather than call the hotel directly you can call our team on 0845 331 2673, or send an email to

If we are busy simply leave a message indicating where in the county you are looking stay, when you are looking to stay and how many people are in your group. It would also be useful to know what the total budget is for the group.

We will then contact one of our accommodation providers in the area and broker you a deal. There is nothing to pay on your part and you just benefit from paying a reduced cost! We can sort any group bookings in Cambridgeshire such as contracting companies looking to place off site workers, stag and hen parties or a company night out. You can view a selection of our accommodation by following the link below; Group Bookings in Cambridgeshire

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