There has been a long tradition of cycling in Cambridgeshire. You can’t swing a cat in Cambridge during the Summer months without fear of hitting somebody on a bike! Part of the reason is that many of the Cambridge roads, particularly around the colleges are so narrow that it’s the only sensible way to navigate them without getting caught up in an awful jam. The second reason is to do with the fact that Cambridgeshire lies within East Anglia, officially one of the flattest regions in the UK which means cycling is generally more accessible as a hobby.

Cycling in Cambridgeshire comes in many forms, whether it’s a lazy amble through the famous Cambridge Fenland or more adrenaline pounding Mountain biking in nearby Thetford forest there is truly something for everyone. If you are travelling far and you don’t plan to bring your own bicycle there are plenty of hire shops in Cambridge, including one at the train station, as well as the other major cities such as Ely and Peterborough. To find cycle hire and cycle clubs in Cambridgeshire please follow the link below: Cycling in Cambridgeshire