Before you visit your holiday destination it’s always nice to plan a couple of your evening meals in advance so you know that you are guaranteed a couple of good nights out. The good news is that Cambridgeshire Restaurants are renowned for their fine cuisine and you won’t be disappointed. Wherever you are staying in Cambridgeshire the chances are that you are going to travel around and sample the food from more than one city whether it’s Cambridge, Ely, Peterborough, Huntingdon or Newmarket on the border. All of them have their own take on the local food and offer their own specialities. Cambridge has an abundance of independent and first rate chain restaurants, located mainly around Bridge Street and Regent Street. You will find the usual suspects such as Pizza Express and Nando’s, but you will also find the likes of Edwinn’s and La Tasca just yards from the river where you can enjoy fine cuisine throughout the day. A bit further east, in the Cathedral city of Ely you will find the renowned Old Fire engine House restaurant and Art gallery. This is one of the finest Cambridgeshire restaurants with its own Art Gallery selling work from local artists. It is also famous as being one of the few places left in the country that still serves Eel’s, the food that lends Ely its name. On the border of Cambridgeshire you will find the horse racing town of Newmarket, home to Celebrity chef, Steven Saunders fabulous tapas restaurant. It’s a fine place to enjoy a good meal and some fine wine before heading out for a night or day at the races. To plan your fine dining experiences follow the link below: Cambridgeshire Restaurants