The Cambridgeshire Guided Busway is being built to link St Ives to Cambridge along the trackbed of the disused railway. This 16 mile long concrete track will take slightly modified buses and become the longest such guided bus route in the world.

The smooth and level access track alongside will make cycling the route practical for many people. Lifting the old rails in preparation for the £110 million project has started (avoiding the seasonal disturbance of bird nests), ground-breaking starts in Jan 2007 and the St Ives Park & Ride will be ready March 2008.The first full-length services are due at the end of 2008. The Cambridgeshire Guided busway out of St Ives will stop at Swavesey, Oakington, Histon, Arbury Park, Regional College, Science Park, Cambridge Station, Addenbrookes, Trumpington Park & Ride. The guided buses arriving from Cambridge will leave the concrete track at St Ives and continue to Huntingdon and Hinchingbrooke along regular roads. Major improvements have been budgeted for this section as well. Links to more information on the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway will be posted as and when they become available. Article sourced from Wikipedia