NIf you do visit Cambridge, it would a real shame if you didn’t participate in one of the multitude of tours available. The smartest and most efficient way to engage in one of these tours is to plan ahead and book in advance, this is usually the way in which professional tours are conducted. The best tours will encompass all that is good about Cambridge, including the University sights and historical areas. An alternative for those either strapped for time, or unwilling to be led on a specific tour, is to buy an audio tour. Of all the available forms, the CD is the most convenient. You simply play the disc, and follow the tour map, changing tracks and locations accordingly. With several companies discovering the demand for these items, you can view the city at your own pace, far from the madding crowd. If a bit of night time adventure is your thing, then the Cambridge Ghost Tour is for you. Cambridge is a city with an immense, and often grisly history. With these tours, you can find out the bloody and spooky past of Cambridge that is not visible to daytime tourists. Naturally, those with sensitive dispositions may want to stay back in the hotel!