The best time of the year the visit St Neots is in the summer months. That is not to say that other times of the year are anything other than enjoyable, but it is the summer season that really brings to life the beauty of the town. St Neots is not known for extravagant pricing, so families can easily afford accommodation in the area. Also, the best attractions are either extremely inexpensive or free. B&B’s in the area are of a high quality, but, those with special requirements should certainly check with the owner of the establishment to see if these needs are looked after. An example of this would be someone on a Gluten-free diet, ensure you find a place that has Gluten-free food available. Usually, B&B’s in St Neots have every angle covered, but there can always be exceptions so it is wise to check first. For breakfast, you can go continental with a choice of juices and pastries from all across Europe. Or, you could taste the authentic English experience in the form of the Full English Breakfast. Not something for the health fanatic, the combination of fried eggs, sausages, mushrooms and bacon will satisfy the appetite of the most famished tourist.