The horse racing stronghold of Newmarket is a fantastic year round attraction, though it becomes something very special in the warmth of summertime. With all its breathtaking scenery and charm, there are few better places for a holiday. Unlike many tourist attractions that are popular in the summer, accommodation is relatively cheap, and the most awe-inspiring views and activities are either free of charge or cost only a meagre amount. Newmarket has a plethora of B&B’s available, you just have to decide which one you like best. Before booking a holiday in Newmarket, ensure that the accommodation you have earmarked to stay in can cater to any specific needs you may have. Nothing can spoil a holiday quite like discovering the place you are staying in is devoid of something crucial to your enjoyment of the vacation. That said, every B&B in the area is of an exceptionally high standard, with friendly, attentive staff who will do everything in their power to make your stay a pleasant one. If you have a long day of sightseeing ahead of you, and need plenty of fuel to keep you going, then nothing is better, or tastier, than the Full English Breakfast. What is offered varies from place to place, but you should usually get fried eggs, bacon and sausages along with baked beans. If you need something extra, it is likely the staff can accommodate you. For those seeking a healthier holiday, you can still enjoy the light Continental breakfast of cereal, orange juice and Croissants.