Though you will enjoy your stay in Ely at any time, the summer is when its full beauty becomes apparent. You will be awestruck at the scenery, and, combined with local traditions and the vibrant nature of the city, you have the ideal holiday location. Even better news is that you do not have to contend with the exorbitant costs associated with many other cities, as the best attractions are either free, or cost only a trifling sum. Also, the Bed and Breakfasts abundant throughout Ely will provide quality living quarters for a low cost. Naturally, you should find a location that is tailored to your specific needs. Therefore, enquire about the facilities on offer with the owners of each establishment, who will only be too happy to assist you. Though every B&B in Ely is equipped with virtually everything you need, there can always be exceptions, so ensure that you are fully informed, so as to avoid any potential disappointment. In terms of breakfast, all Ely B&B’s offer a choice of dining experiences. For the more reserved palate, the continental breakfast is available, that is, cereal, croissants and orange juice. For those who prefer the finer points of English cuisine, the Full English Breakfast is there to be enjoyed. This is usually made up of sausages, eggs and bacon amongst other things, all fried, with some establishments offering fried bread too. This may not be the ideal breakfast for the healthy person, but it is delicious, and provides ample energy for the day’s excursions!