Cambridge is a fantastic place to stay at any time of the year but during the Summer it really springs into life. The scenery and the attractions available are second to none. Combine that with the tradition and atmosphere surrounding the city and you really do have a perfect holiday combination. The great news is that holidaying in Cambridge doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Most of the attractions are a nominal cost, if not free, and you can easily Bed and Breakfast Cambridge without a problem. There is an abundance of B&B’s scattered all the way up Newmarket Rd which is the main thoroughfare into town. If you are staying up the top end of the road a walk into the town centre and the colleges should take you no more than 20 minutes. This is a great walk as you can cut across Parkers Piece where the students like to hang out and play football in between studying and sample the true Cambridge atmosphere. If you are a bit further out it’s not a problem as there are good bus connections all the way into the city form the Park and Ride on Newmarket Rd. If you are feeling really lazy you can always get a taxi which shouldn’t cost you more than £5-6 (€8-10). There are also a lot of B&B’s concentrated in the South of the city which is ideal for visiting the backs and enjoying the great Cambridge tradition of punting up the River Cam. If you do decide to Bed and Breakfast Cambridge then just check with the owner that the rooms cater for all your needs, particularly if you are travelling with small children or people with special dietary requirements. Most B&B’s are very flexible when it comes to these things but if you are planning a long stay it is always prudent to check and make sure there are no last minute hiccups that may ruin your holiday. Nearly all of them will offer a choice of a European style breakfast consisting of Croissants and cereal, as well as the less healthy (but certainly more tasty) traditional English breakfast. This usually consists of a combination of a fry up including Sausage, Egg, Bacon Tomato, Mushrooms and if you are lucky – fried bread. It’s a dieticians nightmare but there is nothing better to set you up for a long days sightseeing! Now that your mouth is watering, click below to find a B&B in Cambridge: Bed and Breakfast Cambridge