Anyone who happens upon Cambridgeshire should not leave without sampling the nightlife, and the multitude of bars and clubs in the region. Bars like The Cricketeers are home to a variety of ethnicities and nationalities due to the plethora of students who make Cambridge such a lively city. Looking for more than just a few drinks? Try the Ancient Druids bar. Here you will enjoy the unique taste of the house beer which is the only bar in the city of Cambridge to brew its beer in-house. Once upon a time, King Street had seven pubs, and it was traditional for a student to attempt to drink in each of these establishments in a row. Nowadays, intrepid students have to make do with three, including the famous King St. Run. Grantchester is the area to go for nocturnal excursions, with many excellent bars and night spots. The more adventurous tourist may try to go across to Grantchester via boat up the Cam, caution is advised, the muddy river is no easy journey, but the scenery that can be viewed makes the effort worthwhile. Though nightclubs are not as popular as the late bars, Ronelle’s Night Club beside St. Andrew’s Church is highly recommended. Alternatively, you could have a look at the Man On the Moon Club on Norfolk Street, home to live jazz. The ultra-trendy De Nero’s nightclub in nearby Suffolk provides laser shows and smoke machines, and is very close to Newmarket racecourse. If you take the time to visit the small towns adjacent to Cambridge, you are guaranteed to find a bar or club of your choosing, with St. Ives and Godmanchester ideal venues for a leisurely day enjoying the local intoxicants whilst enjoying the beauty of the river.